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Hello, and welcome to my interwebular home. Come in, pull up a chair, get comfy.

If you like words and that, why not read my blog? It’s called “A Tedious Waste Of Everyone’s Time”. It is not an ironic title. Still, have a look.

If you like words and that, but would prefer to hear them said out of my face instead of reading them, why not click on the podcast link, where you can hear some of the old shows I have done.

If you would like words and that and pictures, why not enjoy my occasional comic strips┬ánow published as two books “A Clerical Error in Reality” and “Contrived set ups to niche pop culture references”

If you like words and that and pictures that move, perhaps you would like to watch my videos? Me, doing stand up. Me, awkwardly presenting. Me, dancing drunk at a wedding.

Perhaps you would like me to write words for you? I have written for radio, some small TV things, done punch up on comedy scripts and stand up routines, and written jokes for a couple of national ad campaigns for major clients. I can also make up new words for you, like brezork, wubflang and partoot.

Perhaps you would like to book me for live stand up work, compering, radio hosting or podcasts, corporate work, tv presenting, awkwardly acting, quiz writing, writing (scriptwriting, reviewing or punch-up), cartooning, illustration or even if you want a sofa moving, direct all enquiries to

Should you wish to, you can be my fan on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, where I post occasional jokes amongst the self indulgent whining.



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