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My Goals for Edinburgh Fringe 2013

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  1. Try and make every show a good one
  2. Do as many gigs as possible in trying to make myself the best comic I can be
  3. Eat at least one piece of fruit at least once a week
  4. Keep it loose and experimental. Play around onstage more. People always say that’s the best bit
  5. Don’t go to Brooke’s bar
  6. If I do, don’t look over everyone’s shoulders cos someone from a sitcom is playing darts.
  7. Have a bareknuckle fight with Liam Pickford, shirtless, on cowgate at 3AM in the last week. It will be cathartic for all
  8. Try not to get infuriated by how much everything costs. A mediocre burger is £8 and we all have to deal with that
  9. On my day off, actually get out of the city
  10. Try not to let anyone doing clowning, physical theatre, improv or cabaret know how little you think of their much lesser artforms.
  11. See at least 2 plays. Sad ones, where teenage girls die on a backstreet abortionist’s table in 1930’s warsaw or where starving russian jews sing sad songs in a cellar before the mensheviks kill them. It’ll be good for you
  12. If I am attracted to an Australian barmaid, ask her out early in the festival rather than on the last night at 3 am when she has to work til 5 am, as she will move back to Australia and you will never see her again, apart from occasional photos of her in a bikini on facebook and that honestly makes it worse (Stupid cowardly 2011 me).
  13. Don’t  read any reviews
  14. Don’t get angry that there are no reviews for you to avoid because you’re not “London-based”
  15. Try not to blame London for everything that’s wrong with comedy, even though it is.
  16. Don’t drink every day (even though that is the best bit)

Paul Savage: Cheerful Shambles is on daily 2-25th August (not 14th) at 4:20pm at Dragonfly bar.

I am also appearing daily in Free Tea and Biscuits 2-25th August (not 14th) at 12:05pm in Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy, with Aaron Twitchen and a host of guest headliners

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