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Archive Oct 2011: This actually happened

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I am not making up any of these details, or exaggerating one bit. I was doing some work, and my mum was hovering around on the phone. She was catching up with whoever was on the other end of the line with what my siblings and cousins were up to.

“Our David’s just started a job teaching at the British school in Manila. He gets his own house, a live in maid, and a driver!

Becky’s just started being a tutor out in Dubai.

Nick’s just been promoted at his job as an actuary in London.

Vicki’s just come back from delivering a speech at the UN in Brussels. She’s been rebooked to do one in Norway with Kofi Annan.

Chris is going round the world soon.

Mark’s still working as a consultant in Amsterdam

And Paul…. Paul was doing a gig in Portsmouth last night (long pause) I think he got paid for it”

I did as well. I got paid for a gig that didn’t even happen. That’s how succesful I am .

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