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My books of comic strips are available now! They’re published on McKnight and Bishop and is priced at a ridiculously low £5 (plus post and packaging, so £6) for 50 whole comics. I KNOW!

And my second one “Due To A Clerical Error In Reality” is now also available.

due to a clerical error in reality

Plus, for an extra £1, I will draw a doodle of your choosing!

Buy both books for a tenner, and get them delivered! I KNOW!

You can get it here by filling in this electric doo-dad. Then your money can be exchanged for goods and services!

Book Purchase
Tell me what to doodle, and i\\\'ll have a bash at it in the flyleaf (Not your face. I tend to offend):

Places my books would be good to read:

The waiting rooms of doctors, dentists, psychiatrists.
In the toilet, for dipping into. (Not like that)
In the passenger seat of your car to distract tiresome passengers, leaving you to concentrate on Ken Bruce’s Popmaster (if they’re one of those freaks who can read in a car without feeling sick).
In your handbag or manbag.
Pride of place on your coffee table, to “start a conversation” at your elegant soirees.
If you find yourself living in a shotgun shack, or living in an another part of the world, in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.

Places my books would be unsuitable to read

Behind the wheels of a large automobile.

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