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My favourite jokes on the simpsons about universities

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For no reason, a list of my favourite jokes on the Simpsons referencing American universities


  • Hey egghead! Sing fair harvard for me.

“Fair Harrvarrrr” *thwack*

“You, sir, have the boorish manners of a Yalie”

  • (The school is on strike, and Lisa feels her learning capacity is waning) “At this rate, I won’t even be able to get into Vassar”

“I’ve had just about enough of your Vassar bashing young lady”

Sideshow Bob and his brother Cecil are arguing

  • “You wanted to be Krusty’s sidekick since you were five. What about the buffoon lessons? the four years at clown college?”
    I’ll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way”
  • “Brown? Hell of a school. Otto went there” (sunning himself on the school bus bonnet)

“yup, almost get tenure too”

“Brown, brown, brown, brown”

“Lisa, are you ok? Only you’re saying Brown an awful lot”

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