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My favourite words in my own routines

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I am a bit of a word nerd. I am fascinated where words come from. I also like some words just because of the way they sound. Pernicious. Peripaticular. Bevelled. Rotisserie. Macular. Bon nuit. Partisan. Crimea. Predatory. Biff. Furnicular.

In light of this, here is a short list of words I like in my stand up routines (The bit it’s from in brackets)

  1. Idiosyncracies (comparing women to cars)
  2. Arbitrary (Cheese truck)
  3. Rhombus (Cheese truck)
  4. Vorbesc- Romanian for “I speak” (Speaking Romanian)
  5. Munitions (Youth Slang)
  6. Anomaly (Drinking)
  7. Ovaries (Drinking)
  8. Motorboated (Music Festivals)
  9. Tepid (Barbecues)
  10. Recalcitrant (G-Spot)

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