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Here are some podcasts…


I’m working on a new podcast called “Under The Influences”. I’ve already got 4 episodes in the can, and I’m just building up to launch. I wrote this in jan 2018, so check back in 5 years and see how hollow a boast this was.


I’ve been on several people’s podcasts. If you love me loads, I’m on:

  • Christian Talbot and Rosie Holt’s excellent “Do you remember the first time?” A show about crushes and bedroom disasters. I reveal too much whilst also keeping back several stories.

I’m episode 19

  • Thanks Book For

The Delightful Tom Bissell and Sarah Mitton, who i’ve known for years, invited me on their book podcast. Who could have imagined years ago when I got so drunk at Sarah’s house party I fell asleep under her car that we would be doing this years later.¬† I wank on about comic books again.

I appeared on the lovely James Cook’s podcast, where James forced me, Gareth Berliner, Jo D’Arcy, and Janice Connolly to play various silly party games. It’s great fun and I say the phrase “How many mouse in soup? Six mouse in soup” and it’s really really stupid.

  • Batting for Scatty

Crazy name, crazy podcast. I sat with the delightful Tandy Houghton and we discuss loads of things in a wetherspoons at lunchtime.


This was one that was supposed to be a regular podcast with the very funny, but sadly also very busy comedians Rob Halden and Tom Allsopp. Rob is the one who interrupts a lot. It was going to be called “The Imagineers” til we found out that’s the name of the people who design rides for Disney.

Then, 100 years later, we actually made it another

The Imaginauts Episode 

In which we discuss Multiverse theory, scooby doo and lockpicking

Imaginauts episode 2

In which we discuss the gritty reboot of lovejoy, Gordon brown’s theme tune, and then nmemonics of cereals.


If you have a podcast and want me to be a guest, please email and I’ll get back to you.



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