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College american football star, first athlete on a box of Wheaties and the man who saved the NFL, Red Grange, was in a 12 part radio serial called Harry Potter. In 1945

Eunice Huthart, who won Gladiators, went on to become Angelina Jolie’s regular stunt double.

Comic Book artist Laura Molina made a website full of paintings of her ex boyfriend Dave Stevens, who created the Rocketeer, which he sued her over for using his likeness. It’s called nakeddave .com, and is pretty weird.

Westward Ho! is the only British place name with an exclamation point

If you took a continuous line with a HB pencil, it would be 35 miles long

The poet and jazz flutist Gil Scott Heron, most famous for The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, was the son of the first black man to play for Celtic

The cake Parkin is a diminutive form of the name Peter

The first recorded use of the word “starkers” is 1905

the leftover bits from wine or cider making is called pomace

Canada has a 1 dollar coin called the Loonie, as it has a picture of a loon ( a seabird) on the reverse. They introduced a two dollar coin called the Toonie, but one of the suggestions was Dubloonie (double loonie, also dubloons), which is infinitely better

When opera singer Elisabeth Schwarzkopf appeared on Desert Island Discs in 1958, 7 of her 8 records were her singing. The 8th was one she’d been in, but not sang on.

Jaguar changed it’s name from the Swallow Sidecar company in 1945 because the SS initials had taken on bad connotations.

The NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their first 26 games in existence, or 1 whole season and 85% of the following one.

There is a genre of comic books in Australia devoted to surfing stories.

The wikipedia page for Hideo Kajima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, claims he is is one of the best writers in video games, which is laughable in the extreme. Pacman has a better plot and more believeable dialogue

Atomic Kitten’s Number one single Whole Again was written by OMD’s Andy McCluskey

The Victorian sex academic Havelock Ellis, the first man to do a study of homosexuality without calling it a disease or madness, thought himself asexual until he was 60 years old. He then witnessed a woman urinating and then became all about that. His wife was fine with it because she’d been openly a lesbian for 30 years and he found a french woman to do it for him.

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